About This Site

Hello everyone,

Hagglefoot here bringing you what are (hopefully) the best sounding abc files on the net! I just wanted to take the time to tell you how happy I am to help you make your favorite songs into abc files which you can enjoy in games that support them! I wanted to use this page to give you a bit of information that might be useful in your quest for your favorite songs.


I do requests, but there are a few things you need to know first.

  1. There will need to be a midi file for your song! I don’t convert mp3s. If there is no midi file then there is nothing I can do.
  2. Some songs don’t translate well into an abc file. Remember, we are trying to make multiple instruments sound good on just one! (Unless it is a multi-part abc)
  3. Songs with FX (as opposed to real instruments) or extreme bass do not come out well as an abc file.
  4. Abc files may sound good on one instrument but not another. If you have an abc that sounds bad try it on a different instrument before commenting.
  5. These abc files are tested with Starbound only. I’m not sure how they sound/work in other games! (Although they should work)
  6. Lastly, if you want a song converted into multi-part abc files (as in an abc for each instrument individually to be played with a band) you MUST specifically request it.

I hope this information has been helpful!

If you would like to see the songs being played, please check out this page.

I love to hear your comments and feedback about the abcs. I want them to be the best out there and am happy to make changes to make them sound better. Leave me plenty of feedback so I know how I’m doing!

If you are a Steam user and would rather make a request on there, here is the original thread to post on.

5 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. shakar001 says:

    I’d like to request, if it hasn’t been requested already, the Venus Lighthouse theme from Golden Sun in two forms: One by itself, the other as a multi-track if possible. You can find the chiptune for it at OCRemix.org I believe.

  2. ikes says:

    do you do non-VG music? if so, can you do Two-Headed Boy by Neutral Milk Hotel?

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